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Natural Being

Less screen time, more tree time

We all know that nature is good for us and given most of us have little interaction with the natural world in our daily lives, that can put us, ironically, under the weather. So we’ve decided 2017 is the time for a natural revolution. The way we’re going about it is in four stages, each with its own set of fun tasks and challenges. First, Reset Yourself – stop, breathe and recalibrate. Then throw yourself into the outside world to get a Natural High, feel the comfortable call of Timberlust and finally learn to love the little things and appreciate that Simple is Beautiful. We hope you’ll join us in taking a little time to step outside, get some fresh air and wake up your Natural Being.

The Natural Being Manifesto

Below you'll find the four steps of Natural Being; click through to join us on our Natural Revolution as we recommend some great places to stay and help you find out more about each stage. Reset Yourself by waking up to the outdoors somewhere with the Best Views from Bed, find a Natural High by (quite literally) exposing yourself to the elements at our best Places to Get Naked, feel the comfortable call of Timberlust alongside one of Our Best Campfires or appreciate that Simple is Beautiful at spaces perfect for Switching Off. There's no set order, so throw off the shackles, throw off your clothes and awaken your Natural Being.

Natural Beings Being Natural

Like a collection of leaves from the woods, or shells from the beach, here are some of the ways that you, and we, have found to get back in touch with nature. We’re currently on step 2 of 4 - Natural High. Tag your posts with #NaturalBeing for the chance to appear amongst the posts below. 

Reset Yourself